When Faith learned about Greyston's open hiring policy, benefits, and apprenticeship program, she knew what she wanted. Her relentless phone calls and persistance paid off in a full-time position in December 2001. She was then 43, a struggling single parent who had been in and out of jobs where she never felt like more than a "punch-card number." From the beginning, each learning experience and opportunity to teach others "made me feel proud," she says.

Faith thrives on challenges, from the food safety course she completed to the computer skills she is gaining. "I ask questions," says Faith, an Assistant Supervisor in Training. "I'm never afraid to ask questions.



Friday, November 20, 2009

My Path to Greyston (by Judith Mann)

2004-Incorporated Celiac Solution, LLC

I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2003, but as a registered nurse, I was confident I could manage the necessary lifestyle changes. My grocery visit shook that positive attitude. Like others with celiac disease, I discovered it was almost impossible to find food that tasted the way I remembered. It was like eating cardboard or sawdust and many items had a funny after-taste.

My grocery trip led to an extensive investigation of celiac food choices and a long search for gluten-free products. As a zealous home cook, I was determined to find a gluten-free flour to create the breads, pastas and desserts I had savored before my diagnosis.

It wasn’t easy. Gluten is part of the protein that’s found in grains like wheat, barley, rye. Foods like bread, crackers, cereals, and pasta, are on the celiac “can’t eat” list. Gluten is often hidden in secondary processed foods ingredients like modified starches, colorings, and flavorings.

I have been in the Medical field for 28 years and have been a nurse for the past 18. The Main focus of my practice was the operating room until I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2003. In 2004, one year after struggling with the gluten free life style, I incorporated Celiac Solution, LLC to assist newly diagnosed celiacs with a gentle transition in to a gluten free life style. Now I have embraced my diagnoses and have used my passion of nursing, food and cooking to help people maintain a happy, healthy gluten free lifestyle.

My Sister, Jessica, was visiting when we tested another flour mixture, using a recipe for banana bread popular at her restaurant. We modified the recipe slightly, and that day, we finally produced the desired results. I was excited, because the texture was like I remembered, and it tasted really great.

The bread proved popular at my local celiac support group, and not long after, members urged me to place a gluten-free entry in the Barnstable County Fair. On a hot sticky day in July, with a kitchen that was under construction, I baked the banana bread in a toaster oven, and brought it to the fair. There, I was told there were only a few gluten-free entries, and the bread would be placed in the overall quick bread division.

I thought I was doomed. Instead, I was astounded to learn my gluten-free entry placed second among all “regular” breads.

Because of popular demand, in 2006, we introduced our bakery division. Good JuJu Bakery our continued mission is to provide safe gluten free products with the taste and texture that are baked "just like you remember" available online and through a host of retailers.

Over the past three years we have expanded our line to English muffins, dinner roll, pizza crust, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, vanilla & chocolate cupcakes and our continued favorites Award Winning Banana Bread and Banana Nut Muffins.

We had experienced tremendous growth and we were ready to move out of our home based Kitchen, but because banks were not lending we could not secure financing for our expansion. With having exhausted all avenues and with a sad heart we were ready to close the doors.

But because of a good man (Jerry Scavo) that believed in our ideas and our products Good Juju was not closing the door but actually opening a new one. I was then introduced to Julius Walls and Greyston Bakery. I was so happy that our missions paralleled with the ultimate goal of both being to Help People! The name may have changed but Greyston bakery’s Do-Goodie, Gluten Free and I will continue to provide safe gluten free products produced in dedicated gluten free manufacturing with the taste and texture baked just like you remember!


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