When Faith learned about Greyston's open hiring policy, benefits, and apprenticeship program, she knew what she wanted. Her relentless phone calls and persistance paid off in a full-time position in December 2001. She was then 43, a struggling single parent who had been in and out of jobs where she never felt like more than a "punch-card number." From the beginning, each learning experience and opportunity to teach others "made me feel proud," she says.

Faith thrives on challenges, from the food safety course she completed to the computer skills she is gaining. "I ask questions," says Faith, an Assistant Supervisor in Training. "I'm never afraid to ask questions.



Monday, October 26, 2009

Food, for thought...

Social & Corporate Responsibility is a global concern, whether it is how companies treat their employees or the responsible souring of ingredients. After wrapping up a tour with a group of students from the UK and the discussions we had, it is on my mind more then ever!

The group was truly excited about our double bottom line here at Greyston (social mission & business mission) and told us there has been a real shift in buying among consumers in the UK. We talked about how people actually make decisions on the products that they buy that is beyond price and brand recognition and that more and more people evaluate product ingredients and whether there is an environmental or social tie beyond the product itself.

What entices you to make a purchase? Do you read the back of the packaging? Would you buy a product because it is produced by a socially responsible company?

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